Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Swimwear to Silliness.

This past weekend I decided it was time.

The idea of it was crushing, and in the past has even been tear worthy but I knew it was coming and was prepared to waste away a couple hours of my life that would inevitably end badly (or nicely, depending on how you feel about insatiably consuming a pint of Ben&Jerry's).

So, I took the brave step forward and stepped into what I consider my own, slightly subdued version of hell.

Bathing suit shopping!!!

The thought of it is often cringe inducing however I am relieved to say that this experience was not nearly as horrific as past ventures have been. In fact I found myself enjoying it!! How could this be? Wellllll, thanks to my mom, I have come across a hidden gem. A boutique of sorts that most fashionably inclined women wouldn't think to consider... Lands' End Canvas. http://www.landsend.com/canvas/?cm_mmc=77739712

It has been a long time since I have been able to bathing suit shop and not feel as though I am 400 pds and gaining; part of this is because of my oh so lovely big "bubbies".  The clothes are very reminiscent of J. Crew yet not so reminiscent of J. Screw price tags :)

The real kicker is, that it is only online and in Sear's stores! Sears, can ya beleive it?! Here is a little snapshot of what you will find, I spent a good hour and a half trying on different items and adding the finishing touches to my summer wardrobe.

Not to mention the fact that I find their ads to be sort of dreamy, don't you? :)

Oh and before I have to check out I have been meaning to post about this since last week, if you have time check out my friend Nikki's blog:

She is hysterically honest and for that I love her! :-p  Here is a preview:

"I'll admit it... I am a Fatso. I may not look like a chub monster but I certainly eat like one."
Our shared love for ice cream is one of the many reasons for our friendship =)

Lastly, I came across this quote today and thought of you. I have enjoyed every moment of silliness with you darlin'!



Sarah said...

You are not alone! I DESPISE shopping for bathing suits...and have decided to make do with last year's. It makes me sad to see these little teenagers running around in their barely-there bikinis! It seems like yesterday that I was that age...with that body...in all actuality, it was really a good 10-12 years ago!

Bond said...

Flaunt what you got babes :) I don't know what you're so worried about, I think you have an absolutely beautiful bod.

As for your "oh so lovely big 'bubbies'" ... they remain lovely and suit you nicely :)



PS - For anyone who missed the bathing suit pun above... That's right, I went there.

Anonymous said...

good find! I love that it is at Sears! Finally I have something to look at while justin is picking out tools!!!:)