Wednesday, February 22, 2012

To Grandmothers House We Go!

Last weekend was spent in a car, with my parents and my 5 year old sister - I loved it :)

I mean, sure there were a few moments of despair, frustration, whiplash and tension but besides all that it really was so much fun! haha The trip was long overdue.

It is truly unbelievable how strong and, as my mom put it, "resilient" my Grandmother is. She thanks God for her good fortunes and feels so "blessed", and although it warms all our hearts to hear this, we also are astounded by these words. This is a woman who has lost so much in her life, has felt so much pain and sorrow; there are not many people I know that would feel this way after losing a child to drowning or another to a life of mishap and drugs. Then there is Grandmas daughter, Kelly, who has a daughter with severe autism (Grandma is actually a "step-grandmother" and we don't see her family all that often), and it was truly eyeopening to watch this family not only function but actually thrive to an extent that I cannot imagine being able to do. As I watched Kelly's husband carry his 9 year old daughter up to bed I was literally dumbfounded by the pettiness of some of the things I became upset with earlier that week. Life has such a way of putting things into perspective when you need it to.

The trip was so good for my parents and I - WE are the ones who are "blessed". So blessed to have Grandma Anne in our lives.

In other news, George and I have seriously started to look into apartment have are having some great luck so far! Exciting and "blessed" times :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Moley, Moley, Mole!

There's nothing like getting off the phone with a friend and thinking, "I'm so happy she's still in my life", which is exactly how I felt today. 

This is a friend who's in my life via "texting" most weeks and then maybe we'll get a good phone convo in twice a month? So no, we aren't attached at the hip but when we do get a chance to sit down and catch up it is just perfect. We understand each others priorities in life and encourage one another to challenge ourselves as daughters, sisters, friends, girlfriends and most of all, women. We are on our way to having it all and it's so nice to know she is rooting for me, just as I am rooting for her.

This friend of mine is getting married this Fall and I could not be more thrilled for her. My hope for her is that she is able to look past all the tiny details and focus on this amazing time in her life. It's a time where you are vowing to be a better person that you already are, a more selfless, committed and compassionate person - when I put it that way it sounds scary as shit!! :) But if anyone can do it she can and I couldn't be more happy for her. 

Now excuse me, I really need to go bufanna... 

Classy Times:
- wine out of a water bottle
- re-watching the housewives, immediately after the first airing
- you puke in the toilet, I've got the sink
- lets chop up some raw onions and throw them in the boiling water - yum.
- bra-less hug!
- "you're a racist!" hehe
- "happpppy birthdayyyy mr. president..." poor Frank
- cuddling for body warmth in our freezing apartment
- underwear down the toilet - I know you did it!
- double orange creamsicle shots please (got our country on!)
- too many bad cab experiences to count, all of them going badly because of me...

Lots of fun! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Big V

Today is Valentine's Day and besides the incessant amount of flowers I've noticed everywhere, it doesn't really feel like it. Perhaps it has something to do with telling my boyfriend not to do anything special, "save your money", or perhaps it has to do with my boyfriend being horribly sick yesterday, or perhaps it has something to do with us being in different states today or lastly, perhaps it has something to do with the awful fight we got into over the weekend and the inability to see beyond those moments of anger and onto the day of love that was just ahead of us... 

Or maybe, it just doesn't feel like Valentine's Day because to me, it's not a big deal and never really has been? 

It could be a combination of all these things but I do know one thing for certain, from here on out I will not be telling my boyfriend, "don't worry hon, let's not celebrate" because my goodness, saying no to your boyfriend when he's offering to do something nice... well, that's just stupid. 

Babe, here we are TWO years and 1 day later and we are still kickin' it :) Every awful fight (including this past one), every silly moment, every decision we make together, every shared experience, every conversation and every kiss, brings us one step closer to the strongest most united relationship I've ever been in. Something tells me we're going places...perhaps all the way to the moon and back ;)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

That moment when...

You realize you've forgotten to pack a bra in your gym bag and are forced to wear your stinky, sweaty sports bra all day.


Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Go, Aubrey Go!

This is the mantra I hear during my runs. Although I'm a big fan of self motivation and enthusiasm, most the times I'm thinking to myself, "would ya shut up". It would be nice if I could go for a run without actually thinking about the fact that I'm would surely be nice. Anyways, I actually really did have a good run today. It was beautiful out, I was going at a good clip (thanks to my sweet mantra) and it just felt nice.

In other news, Social Media Marketing is my career of choice. Found something that I love to do and it feels GREAT. It also feels GREAT to have the support of my friends and family. It also feel GREAT to be working on a project with my brothers awesome girlfriend! I'm so over the moon with it all, it feels like I've found my niche and its GREAT! =)

Before I start to really bore anyone reading this I suppose I should wrap this up.

One more thing.

Maybe not EVERY day but I find at least once a week is a great way to keep things steady...

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Happiness comes when you are at peace with all aspects of your life.

(At least thats what I believe happiness is).

And I am.

(Right now, anyways).

SO I thought it was time to say Hello and work at making this stick. "This" as in, this blog.

The thing is, I love blogging and when I don't blog, I feel guilty. Yes, I literally feel guilty about not keeping this blog alive. I'm not doing it for anyone but myself but I still feel guilty - crazy!

So I'm back because life is good and I want to remember all the good times (and even the not so good times).

'Til tomorrow....


That enthusiastic cheer is for my boyfriend ;)