Friday, April 16, 2010


Hmm where to begin with this...

It was inadvertently brought to my attention that eating is constantly on my mind, even during inappropriate times.

From the moment I wake up, (after I am thru trying to convince myself to take a sick day) I start thinking about breakfast. However, since I am not really a breakfast person I usually go straight to lunch and am thinking about what could possibly hold me over until that glorious hour of the day, 1 pm, hits. Once I am thru with lunch I then start thinking about how full I am and how I really must moderate my intake, which then leads to moments of depression and I find my hand digging into the candy bowl.

Luckily the struggle to maintain self control in regards to this very tempting bowl of heaven has begun to simmer down a bit; it may have something to do with the TWO cavities my dentist told me about last weekend...ops.

Anyways, so after the candy I am finally at peace...or so one would think! After the chocolate cravings have ceased I then have to focus on the 1 1/2 commute that must be dealt with and how do I mentally prepare myself for this? I THINK ABOUT DINNER!!! Oh and dinner is not dinner without dessert, correctomondo? haha It's a perpetual cycle; one that I am usually ok with and actually at times I am proud that I am a girl who is not afraid to eat but I realized last night that maybe it has gotten out of hand.

After having a great "reggae pizza" night with the bf and some of his friends, we decided to hit the hay early and get a good nights sleep. Well, instead we ended up talking and talking, chit chatting about this and that, the future and our pasts yada yada. A lovey dovey moment of sorts. Well finally we decided it was time to go to sleep and we both closed our eyes. Just as I was starting to drift off into la la land I sprang up and the following convo ensued,


G - "What?"

me - "Bolocco has the perfect sized burrito now - a mini! ANDDD a mini sized milkshake too!! Who woulda thunk it!!!"

G - "Wow. Were you just thinking about what you are going to eat for lunch tomorrow?"

me - "ummmm noooo. not at all...."

And that folks is that last thing G and I talked about before we drifted off into dreamland. Romantic right?


But seriously, you gotta check it out. It totally made my day today!!! Baby burrito/milkshake - perfect!



Sarah said...

Yum...burrito AND milkshake...sounds so freaking good right now!
I feel your pain...I'm ALWAYS thinking about my next meal!

Cheryl said...