Thursday, April 1, 2010

In a little bit.

"In a little bit." This is my 3 yr old sisters response to everything lately and I have been getting such a kick out of it. So much so that I decided I needed to incorporate it into my post today! So here we go:

In a little bit

I will be hearing whether or not my offer was accepted on the studio I am hoping to BUY.

I will be heading into traffic.

I will be eating yummy leftover pasta.
I will be working my bum off trying to workoff the pasta (hello mr. bike)
I will be watching greys with my sis!!!
I will be munching on this (my boss is trying to make me fat!)

I will be hanging out with this little diva

Unfortunately, its going to be a little more than just "a little bit" before I get to hang out with this cool dude,

                                                                (awful pic but you get it)

Not only does he get on the floor and play with the "diva" but he also sends me saweet pics of me and our unborn children...

He's a keeper, right?



Ari said...

wow that kitchen rocks! Also I think you should post a clearer picture of the guy ;)

Pat said...

That last pic is hilarious! have a 3-year-old sister and a baby on the way? So little sis will be an auntie in a few months! Congratulations to all of you, and Happy Easter!

Bond said...

Pat, I hope she's not preggers! We've only been dating for a month! :-)

Happy Easter!

Sarah said...

ahahahah! that picture is too funny!