Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Love Letter (Sort Of).

Dear Geo,

Before I say anything else, let me just list out a few of the reasons why I love you.

1. For finding and bringing home a dirty glass bottle because you knew I'd like it.
2. For going to Boston Market and knowing that their corn is my favorite.
3. For being open to a, let's pack up our bags and move, adventure.
4. For agreeing to a pricey wedding band because I love them.
5. For loving ice cream as much as me.

These are just a few reasons why I'm so excited to marry you.

But something I don't love and I'm not sure I'll ever understand is this:

It's a good thing you're so cute.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Grocery Shopping: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

After having dinner with some girlfriends last week I was reminded that what we put in our bodies is important and learning about food matters. I mean, will I ever get my fiancee to eat organic, natural popcorn with nothing but a little bit of pepper on it? Or grow an abundance of vegetables, cook dozens of meals, and freeze them to eat throughout the winter?  Probably not (Aly, you and Pete are the type of people we aspire to be!) but there's no reason why I shouldn't be aware that packaged shredded cheese has saw dust in it. YES. Saw dust. Gross. Apparently the saw dust acts as a preservative (FYI it's a very small amount, but still!). Needless to say, we'll be shredding our own cheese from here on out, hence the Cabot cheddar cheese block visible center of cart.

Okay, so I think a good starting point is to take a look and see what I like and don't like about this past grocery shopping trip...

Do Like:
- Starbucks coffee :D That has nothing to do with my selected groceries but I just love a good Starbucks coffee, especially when it has a pump or two of pumpkin syrup!
- I like the Fiber One bread. A slice is 50 calories, it's multigrain and it's the perfect size for a lunch time sandwich.
- Hard to see but there's a bag of ginger snaps in there (left hand side, next to popcorn). I like my sweets and ginger snappers seem to be a semi healthy way to get a quick fix.
- Everything in the back of the cart: Bananas, Seltzer, eggs, Yogi Tea, lettuce, etc.

Don't Like:
- I take that back. The back of the cart items would be perfect if it weren't for those two Celeste frozen pizzas... $1.50 each, it was a bargain! Can you blame me for grabbing them?
- Ice cream. Coconut ice cream for that matter - who buys that crap? Oh, we do. And then add jimmies.

I could stop there but I should confess there's one other item in this cart that is a big no-no. You can't see it in this pic but it's there and it's UGLY. Any guesses?

FLUFF. And not the small size of fluff, the big one. I mean, what's the point of getting healthy bread if you're going to spread FLUFF on top?! On the flip-side, who doesn't love a good fluff'nutter every once and a while... :D

Eat clean food. This is going to be our new family mantra. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Working from Home

Working from home has so many perks and natural light is one of them!

Sure, I have a killer headache and a huge to-do list but being able to work next to an open window, on a sunny day makes all the difference :) 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Busy Few Weeks!

The last couple weeks have been nuts, and I don't see any reprieve from the madness for another couple weeks - it's fun but a bit exhausting!

Our first Blue Apron box arrived two weeks ago and it is truly amazing. Geo and I love the convenience of it, it's healthy recipes and the freshness of all it's ingredients; to top it off, it's actually REALLY good. Each meal has been better than the one before and it's been so nice to eat good meals during the week. Here's a glimpse:
 Cod                                                    Lemon Chix                                          Peach Pork

Maybe it was the fresh food, or maybe it's just me turning into my Mom, either way I was determined to do some painting last week - this was the result:
                                              Beautiful but a bit worn and old.
                                  A fresh coat a grey and black paint changes that!

Lastly, my Grandmother came into town over the weekend for.... wedding dress shopping! 
Can you tell I'm not feeling this one? :) 

Oh and who's this handsome dude? Bond is lookin' good 8)

This week is another busy one! Another wedding dress appointment, red sox game, nantucket wedding, oh and at some point need to fit in some work and sleep - no big deal, I gots this!