Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 3...

Thanks for all the words of encouragement, the comments and messages I recieved have all been so sweet. Unemployment is such a difficult time, its not a "vacation" when you are constantly worrying about money and finances but I am confident things will work out, I just need to be patient. Yesterday I was in a total fog and basically just counted down the hours until it was exceptable for me to hit the hay. Ironically enough by the time it was "exceptable" I got hooked into show after show, Flipping Out and Parenthood - both mindless entertainment, exactly what the doctor ordered.

However, today is going to be a better day =) I am convinced! Oh and NO more emotional eating!! I may be saying this 5 additional pounds too late but its a start! haha I need to get back into the swing of things and find a groove - one that involves exercising on a daily basis. I have been slacking big time.

In other news check out these amazing pictures of China.

Lastly, (this is for you nellie :) Muddy Buddies are delicious little bites of heaven. Mix peanut butter, chocolate, sugar, butter, chex and what do you get?!

They are delectable, easyyyyy to make and always a crowd pleaser! 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh me, oh my.

The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind. I feel as though I am going thru the motions but not really experiencing them, if that makes sense? Need to learn to let go and embrace the fact that there is some plan set in motion for me and I will eventually fall into step with it.

This past weekend G and I spent the entire weekend together and weren't, completely, at each others throats so I think thats a good sign :)  Started off the weekend with a short run (moved verrrry slowly), dinner, walked down to the main drag for some asian styled dessert and then topped off the night with a movie (10pm showing I might add - felt way cool). Saturday we actually slept it! It was a miracle, when I discovered it was 10 am I couldn't believe it. My internal clock typically has me dragging myself out of bed by 9 am the latest. What was suppose to be a cheap, relaxing weekend turned into a slightly expensive/stressful one. On our way to Walden pond, G's car started to act funny. So we made a pit stop at Sears and came to find out the battery died, right then and there in the parking lot. I was reminded of the goodness of people when as we sat there trying to figure out a solution to our problem a car pulled up asking if we needed help; not knowing what the exact problem was we politely said no. We headed into Sears to find some tools and some stranger overheard our convo and offered his services. Being a mechanic we accepted his offer and before we knew it he had taken out our old battery and installed a new one. Crazy! It really is amazing how kind and generous people are. Over and over again I find myself in awe. Lately, during this upsetting and chaotic time in my life people have truly shown me what compassion is all about. I am so grateful :0)

So we continued our voyage to Walden pond, found a place to plant ourselves and finally found some relaxation! That is until little black bugs continued to incessantly drop on our blanket, inevitably leaving me with the heebie jeebies :-/

Next up was dinner with Cully Wully and his girlfriend Lauren (Cully Wully = Cullen my lil brother). We made pizza, walked down for an ice cream cone and ended the evening with an episode from Pillars of the Earth; a novel by Ken Follet that was recently made into a mini series. The movie is good but man oh man, if you want a thrilling/adventerous/love story you must buy the book. I promise, you won't be disappointed!

Sunday was spent GeoCaching (finding treasures in the woods!), great way to spend a couple hours. Check it out, and was followed by a short run and a quick peak into Payless which surprised me with some of their fall shoes. Some pretty cute flats! Lastly, I started organizing picutures. Found some real keepers...

Classic Cull - so goofy! (the blondie)
Definitely his granddaughter!
Mamarita! My aunt looks so pretty in this one :)

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Change in plans...

Sooo typically when you give your current boss two weeks notice you do it with the intention of leaving for another job. Well that is not always the case as I discovered last week :-/ The "great" new company that hired me two weeks ago rescinded their offer the day before I was set to leave my current position. Awesome.

So now I am scrambling, trying not to panic. AHHHHHH.

On the flip side I started moving my stuff into G-dawgs apartment this weekend which is pretty exciting =)

It's starting to come along!

I may not have a job but my 3 yr old sister does...

"I go to work with Dad, chew gum and put it in my pocket"
She's an odd little duck.

25. You old geeza you.

Friday, August 13, 2010

We'll be together with a roof right over our heads =)

You know someones right for you when you are hunched over in pain, looking and feeling your absolute worst and he still thinks you are boootiful :)

And willingly hops out of bed, puts clothes on and runs to the store for some much needed da bomb.

Sorry for not being the most eloquent with words.

Sorry for talking about food so much.

Sorry for claiming to be non-competitive and then eagerly trying to kick your ass at everything :-p
Sorry for my constant chatter/desire to travel.
Sorry for analyzing and looking into EVERYTHING.
What I'm most sorry about is that I didn't meet you sooner because as it turns out I really just wanna "love ya and treat ya right" muah! 

What a milestone, think we are going places ;)
Iceland, perhaps?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So I think it has been pretty clear to my friends, family and co-workers that I am checked-out. My work is just not all that appealing or interesting to me and I am completely aware that at this point I am not helping myself or the company by staying. Sooo it is a good thing that I got a...

       NEW JOB!!!

Yes, people I am moving on =)  I am so thrilled and just over the moon excited. It is absolutely perfect for me. It is for a non profit, one in which I will be working with families and also surrounded by a group of terrific women on a daily basis. To top it off the hours are right up my alley (8-4:30, love having that extra half hour before rush hour!) and the benefits are even better than my current ones (6 vaca weeks? Shite fo real?!), but the real selling point is that I will leave work feeling as though I helped someone, even if in the smallest of ways. Right now it is difficult for me to leave work happy. My days are filled with filing and serving. For the most part the lawyers are lovely men and women but I just don't relate well.

Anyways, I am not sure how this will effect my blogging. Typically I blog during work hours and seeing as though my new job will actually consist of real work I find it doubtful that I will be with you all during the daytime hours. However, I do believe the time has come and a laptop is needed. Once that happens I will become a night owl blogger!  

The new gig does not start until the 30th soooo I'll be back in all likely hood tomorrow! Adios ladies (and those few gentlemen that eye my scattered lil blog) hope you are all having a fantastic day =)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Long week.

Loving Shark Week on the Discovery channel but I think this cartoon may be onto something...

And for a giggle check out this, oh so sweet couple...

Thursday, July 29, 2010


The magazine, Essence, which is geared towards the African American community, recently hired a woman to fulfill an open position as "Fashion Director". Doesn't seem as though it should make headline news right? Well here is the catch: the woman is white. Hmm I read this article a few hours ago and am still sort of scratching my head about it. I am not trying to be inconsiderate or ignorant, yet I am confused as to why this is such a catastrophe for so many African Americans in the writing/editing/publishing world. The magazine is aimed towards black women which is great. I understand that their are some issues that white women cannot relate to, however there are many topics and day to day activities that all women in general deal with - these are things that should unite us. The argument would be more valid if this company was run soley by white women but that is not the case; it is one qualified, experienced and capable woman who just happens to be white.

What do you all think? Am I way off? Very curious to see what everyone else thinks. Again, I don't mean to come across as anything more than a slightly confused, interested young woman.

In other news I was forced to ask myself a very serious question the other day.

Am I nice or just stupid? I seriously considered this question for awhile, wondering which category I fell into. Until it dawned on me that I am both. I mean you can be sweet as honey and still not have a friggin clue, which seems to occasionally be my problem. The situation that forced me to ponder this happened so quickly that it almost seemed out of my control.

I was on the train, heading to watch the bf's frisbee game (yes, he's on a team, yes, they take it very seriously, and yes, I love watching him! and no, I have no desire to play (sorry hun)), when I found myself packed like a sardine between two men. There I sat, backpack, purse and pure annoyance in tow when I fished out my book, flipped thru the last few pages and threw it back into my bag, feeling a sense of accomplishment - "another book off the list, woopie". The book I am referring to is "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", it was so good. In fact it was so good that my Dad and I squabbled as to who was going to get the chance to read it at the beach. I won that battle and promised to read it swiftly and then get it back to him.

Well, while I was sitting there enjoying the last few moments left with the characters I had grown to love, I overheard my neighbors phone conversation, "one order of General Tso's chicken. Nope, just one order, thats all. Thank you". Instinctively I looked to see if he had a wedding band. Nope. My heart sank. Dramatic? Yes. I can't help it. He was probably in his mid fourties, not bad looking but definitely a little quirkly. I couldn't help but feel kinda bad for the guy. I went on reading my book, as said earlier, tossed it in my bag and then just went into my usual daze thinking about pizza for dinner and which book to read next.

Quirky neighbor - "Um excuse me but how was that book? I have seen so many people with it, any good?"
Me - "Yes, it was so good! It wasn't what I expected but I really enjoyed it, I definitely reccommend it!"
Quirky neighbor - "Oh good, I think I will have to go get a copy."
Me - "Oh yea, I actually just finished it, great ending."
(This is where stupidity enters)
Quirky neighbor - "Just finished it? Oh thats great!"
Me - "In fact, let me give it to you. I'm all done and no one else wants to read it" (sorry dad)
Quirky neighbor - "Noooo really?! Oh my gosh, wow! I have never had anyone give me anything on the train before. Now I will be certain to read it! Thank you so much."

As I am pulling it out of my bag, the realization of what I am doing starts to kick in... wait what about my dad? Shit, what the hell am I doing? Ah darn it, too late now.

Me - "Oh good, hope you enjoy it."


The book really was good though. If I had an extra copy I'd offer to LEND it to you... :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My MAINE squeezes =)

Busy at work today however I do have some interesting stories to share! These pics will have to suffice for now...

(Thats me!)
When do I get to go back?
Oh and odd question but to all you runners, headphones or no headphones?
Happy hump day!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to the Grind!

Here is a preview of my trip to Maine...

A baby whisperer.

A drink with the girls.

A storm is a'brewing.

If you haven't noticed, the porch is where its at :)

Lots more to catch up on but for now its time to head out. Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hopping around.

Back from New Orleans and I must say it was a needed and enjoyable reprieve from the usual shenanigans. Nice change in pace. Besides the company the best part about the trip was the bed. Oh the bed. It was just perfect! I woke up both mornings around 7 am and just laid there. Soaked in the quiet and the comfort - it was close to perfection. Anyways now I am off to more relaxation... MAINE. Highly anticipated trip of the year, last year was amazing and we all have pretty high expecatations this time around as well :) Before I head out to hop the train I had to post this - I sincerely hope I inherited the anti aging gene that my parents presumably have...

Thats my Dad's company by the way.
A lil marketing never hurt anyone (can thank me later Daddy-o!!)

Oh and P.S. How amazing does this Stockholm library look? A little slice of heaven.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So this past weekend was not your typical 4th of July but a great one just the same! Bond's family lives right on the water in a beautiful town south of Boston which provides us a great place to nuzzle up and watch the fireworks - boy was it beautiful! We enjoyed all the "ooooohs and aaaaaahs" with another couple who I have grown to enjoy a lot :) New friends!!! woohoo

Woke up.
Felt good.
Ready for a run in the sun.
Felt like shit and instantly became annoyed.
Awesome way to start the day...

Luckily I worked my way out of it and did so just in time to start helping the boyf with his packing.

Oh did I mention he got his own apartment!?!?!?!? And I found it for him?!??!?!? Haha Obviously I have to throw in a little self promotion there... :)  Its soooooo (the most over used word of the week) - CUTE! Hardwood floors, white woodwork, shaded by surrounding trees, tiled bathroom floor. Just perfection. Once it is in a reasonable state of decor I will post pics!

Anyways back to the packing. This is a side of my boyfriend I knew existed but hadn't come face to face with.

Pink & Mint colored slacks.

The thing about Gdawg is he is a man of many tastes, hobbies, strengths and interests. So it doesn't surprise me that I came across these but what DID surprise me was his determination to keep them from being tossed into the GoodWill pile. How was I suppose to respond? First I laughed thinking he's got to be joking. Then it transpired into panic "when is he going to wear these? Not with me I hope!!". Which obviously resulted in my annoyance - is he fo realz? "Why is he being such a baby about it???". Eventually we compromised and the mint beauties were set aside for GoodWill (a Homeless yuppie. will surely be an interesting sighting). When it was all said and done I stepped back and realized if the situation were reversed I would probably try to bitch slap him for trying to throw something of mine away that I had any desire to keep :-p

And plus now he has two pairs of pink pants, eventually we can make them into little skirts for Liv! ha =)

Totes sidetracked there. Back to business.

Lunch with some of his family members.

This was also an interesting experience. Our first time really shopping together and I have to say it was a success! Lots of bargain shopping. Went to Marhsalls (fell in love with their clearance department), hit up Home Goods (great kitchen supplies) and ended it with my favorite department store - Target! Ahhh how I love it there. And Mushhhhh loved it too because they had a Starbucks there! Doesn't get much better than that! Loaded up on all the essentials and a few nonessentials. I just HAD to have a freaking gallon on Crest Whitening Mouthwash (seriously though, it works wonders) and also bought some great coasters where you slide in pictures of yourself, CUTE right?

Shopped for 4 hours.
Picked up pizza.
Had friends over.
Hopped on the boat and watched others water ski, while I indulged in some sunbathing.
(Tried the water skiing once and its just not my thing - the thought of belly flopping with skis on is just not appealing to me...)
Ended the night with some much needed Dexter.
We are addicted.
And may or may not have watched the first, second and now third season in just over two months.
Does that make us tv junkies? I mean we do watch it on a lap top, not technically a tv... :)

Fast Foward to Monday
(Sunday is a bit of a blur. It started with a 4.7 mile run at 6 am, ended with a lovely cook out at my house and in between those two saweet events we were packing.)

Woke up.
Ate a delicious bowl of Coco Pebbles that G's mom got for me. Does he really need to leave home?!?! :(
Filled up the truck and off we went.
Hit up fast food for the first time together - enjoyed every single bite of my BK chix sandy.
1 hour later was cursing that chix sandy.
Witnessed my boyfriend have a blonde moment.
I'm rubbing off on him...
Heard the phrase "You are right, you are always right" for the hundreth time this weekend.
If only he had thought that regarding the pink pants issue.
Shopped some more.
Rested on his new beautifully comfy bed.
Was brought out to dinner - Mango Tango Mexican. Our new fav spot!

THEN headed home.
I like it!
Oh and watched one more episode of Dexter, just to top the weekend off :)

P.S. What happened between Jake and Vienna?!?!? Did anyone watch?!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

Just wrapped up a quick chat with an old friend and I'm amazed by how some people just "get it". It is so comforting to know that I am not alone in my thoughts; which tend to revolve around where I am and where I see myself going. I am so happy with my life and who I have in it but it wasn't so long ago that I imagined myself hopping around from country to country, meeting new people and learning about new cultures. It is scary to realize that this is no longer a desire of mine. It is a bit of a transition period, trying to figure out who I am becoming. Not to say I will not participate and spend my time travelling/challenging myself but I will now be doing these things with someone else (who is amazing). My life is taking an unexpected turn, I wouldn't change it for the world but it is definitely not what I imagined for myself - in fact, it may be even better :)

Some of my favs lately...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to be FEROSH?

This past year has done a number on my confidence. I feel stronger than I was a year ago and my priorities are more in check now than they have ever been before but there are times I feel as though I am losing my mind. I question my intelligence pretty much on a daily basis. When I know I am right I still question myself. When something bad happens at work I instantly think of how I may have contributed to its downfall... I have become my own worst critic and I seriously need to figure out a way to change that. I get into my own head and then it usually takes some form of activity to get out of it! Fresh air fixes all my problems these days, oh and some ice cream often helps too. I mean, yes there are plenty of times I say something without thinking. Plenty of blonde moments that oddly enough my sister, Mattie, seems to ALWAYS be around for but in all reality I am not a dumb blonde. Now how on earth do I convince myself of that?! =)

I think women tend to be too hard on themselves, what do you all do to focus on the good and step away from analyzing the bad?

I wish I could be as FEROSH as this blonde beauty!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Cruising in style.

While visiting Nantucket, (Figawi weekend - big sailing race) G and I decided to take a spin on this babyyy... badass right?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
I will be a busy bee, cruising around and trying to stay cool - hot temps are finally here :)
P.S. Moosh, if you can handle Ruby then I dare say you can handle a Harley... 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's next?

Sorry for the huge lack in postings, been busy trying to figure out my future :)
Back tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ta, ta, ta Tuesday folks!

Thanks to this little pipsqueak,

I have fallen back in love with Disney movies. However, I can't help but think there may be some truth to this...

PS. I'm done with the boxes - thank goodness!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010



Still trudging through boxes but I can finally see the light. Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy these pics as much as I did... now back to work!