Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Pictorial review of my life lately.

Giggles, shopping, drizzle, reading, and Liv time (she's in two of these pics, can you find her in both?).

Life is really good right now (minus a minor sap moment I had yesterday), I sometimes forget to keep looking forward and not get bogged down in the past. I have amazing people in my life and am so grateful for all of them. To help me come back to earth and put things into perspective I usually take a minute to either read, play with Liv, or chat with my mom.

What do you guys do? Have anymore tips to stay focused on the good?

PS. Laurel over at Beyond Function has a great idea that I think I may do sometime this week!! Doesn't have to be "lurve" as she pointed out, it can be in regards to friends, work, life in general - whatever you want =)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


So in the last 5 months, or so, I have received four different texts, from four different unknown numbers from four weirdos!

Ex #1 "I'm trying to get rid of an 80, and some tens so let me know."
                        I'm no druggie or drug specialist butttt I have a feeling this statement may be pertaining to something illegal. Just a hunch.

Ex #2 "Who is this?"  me - "haha um Aubrey, whos this?"  "Nick Boots?" me - "how did you get my number?! lol" 
                       And that was it, no repsonse. Weirdo right? I mean "Nick Boots?" that just seems made up to me.

Ex #3 "Go home right after, we need to talk and come alone."

Ex #4 "And i did to, i want you to F&*^ me now so bad Ahh where are you"
                       Wow. Received this one last night (2 am on St. Patties day, go figure).

Sorry for lack of posts, family friend passed away this week sooo my mind has been in la la land. Having a hard time focusing on anything but I was finally able to crack down today, get some work done and concentrate long enough to blab on about my random little text messages. Oh anddd while I am here I can't help but mention the crazyness going on in politics right now. It just seems insane! This bill is over 2,700 pages long and no one seems to truly understand it. I get tid bits here and there but dems and repubs have ill feelings towards it. Now theres talk of it being accepted and legalized without an actual vote on it? From what I understand congress would vote on different parts of it but not vote on the bill as a whole, "Deem and Pass" is the name of this sort of process. To cap it off Obama was recently quoted saying,

"I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what the procedural rules are in the House or Senate."

Ah what?! Does it make sense that our President is saying this?! Then he goes onto say this,

"And the reason I’m confident that it’s going to pass is because it’s the right thing to do.”

According to who?!?! I wish I had longer to go on and on about this because I have a lot to say about it but the clock is a tickin' and 5 o'clock is quickly approaching!! However I will post this link, I mean not to toot my own horn or anything but I think I was kinda right -- check it out! 


Happy belated St. Patties day!


Thursday, March 11, 2010


Not feeling so great today, think it may be from a compilation of these things:

- Two tickets this week. One parking ticket, the other for ACCIDENTALLY driving thru a fastpass lane.
- Not knowing the difference between bananas and plantains.
- Watching the Bachelor Wedding (gag).
- Eating far too many sweet things, can't stop munching this week! Means I may be a bit of a grump next week ;-)
- Dealing with a total jackass this morning. Small man = huge ego!
- Rainy weather today and apparently it will only get worse as the week goes on.
- Not exercising as much as I normall do during the week. Serious lack of motivation the past few days!
- Spending way too much time playing UNBLOCK on my Iphone. I think I am addicted.

These are a few reasons for why I may not be doing my best today but mostly I think its just because theres a cold going around the office and it has finally decided to grace me with its presence. Gonna try to work it out of my system tonight on the bike!

However, amidst all my sickness, I actually do have many reasons to be smiling today. Heres the HAPPY list:

- Finally catching up with one of my besties tonight! It has been too long since I have had a good chat with this lady :-p
- Had a fantastic dessert last night, oreos are a perfect substitution for bananas =)
- Skiing with friends next weekend :o)
- Mum and Daddy-o both come home this weekend :)
- Bikini waxes are fun to dream about...errr um well, I got a good chuckle out of it at least.
- I had time to paint my nails TWICE this week! woot woot A relaxing pastime of mine 8-)

Hmm I think thats about it...oh and one more thing,

Bond is now officially the BF =)

Kk, thats it for now! Be back tomm with the deets =)

Lastly, totally forgot to pass on this award to 4 other bloggers, so here it is. The Gorgeous Blogger Award goes to:

1. Laurel at http://style-laurel.blogspot.com/
2. Ari at http://epluribusunum21.blogspot.com/
3. Queenbee at http://queenbeeswain.blogspot.com/
4. Lindsey at http://learningtobeawife.blogspot.com/

All of these bloggers are fun and bring something different to the table. Go check 'em out folks!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mixing it Up!


Need I say more? I am a happy camper and am so looking forward to the weekend. Heading out with friends tonight (may have done a little lunch time shopping for this...H&M, I heart you), tomm I have some volunteer work for that campaign I have mentioned in previous posts and then another date! Hiking, dinner and cozying (word? eh I'm just gonna roll with it) up on the couch with a good flick. Actually, does anyone have any good movie reccommendations? It can be tricky finding a good movie to pop in, there are so many options and I often find myself just so impatient about the whole process that I allow the boy to choose which more often than not is a big mistake! :0) SOOO please, ladies help me out with this one!

Ok so I know that these past few weeks Fridays have been devoted to quotes BUT I was given an award this morning, first by Nelly, such a sweet, honest and motivational blog. I absolutely love how she is so open about something that I find hard to talk to even my closest of friends about -- weight, dieting, yada yada. It is truly inspiring to read her blog and see that she realizes how important health is but at the same time we only live once, so if you are craving the brownie, just have the brownie! Haha I have really enjoyed getting to know this blogger better =)

And secondly, I recieved the same award from newbie blogger, Laurel. Laurel is actually my only "real life" friend in the blogging world (as of yet anyways) and her blog is fantastic. It is very different from the many blogs I read, mostly dedicated to random rambles and daily observations (which I happen to thoroughly enjoy!), hers is more in depth and geared towards making sense and understanding both the triumphs and the tribulations that life presents us all with.

Both these blogs are definitely worth taking a looksey - you won't be dissappointed!

Ok now onto the acutal award.

The laws of the land with this award is to introduce to the blogging world 6 things about yourself that you haven't already shared or that people may not know about you. So here goes nothing...
1. I am a registered Independant. I am fiscally conservative but socially liberal.
2. Ok that was kinda boring right? Hmm well here we go, lets try this one - I once met Michael Jordon and asked him what his feelings on "doggy style" were. Its amazing what whiskey can do to ya huh?! Well if anyone is interested his response was, "I'm a fan". Oh ladies, what a freaking nice smile this man has!! Not to mention he was extremely polite and nice.
3. I wish my boobs were smaller.
4. When I am in my car alone, I often think I have a great voice. I have even thought to myself, "wow I am American Idol material", voice of an angel right here - this is what I think while driving alone anyways. When I am with someone else I am forced to deal with the fact that my voice isn't good at all and that me thinking it is may have something to do with the volume being up so high that I can't actually hear my own voice. Oh it is a sad life I lead...no A.I future for me :(
5. I prefer stapling to taping.

6. Last but not least: I was named after a song. Check it out; its totally hippie inspired and took me years to actually enjoy it but I am now a true fan of it. Its called "Aubrey" (duh) and its by the band Bread.

THANK YOU for the award ladies!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend; see you all on Monday!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Ate his Heart.

Oh goodness.

Mid-week dates can be awful. I, for one, am usually in my PJs by 7:30, plopped on the couch counting down till bedtime on these "school" nights. I wasn't sure how well I was going to function during our school night date and was mentally preparing myself all day for it :o) 

Ok ok, I am not typically THIS lame but it has been a pretty busy week (actually more like, couple of weeks) and I was nervous I was going to have no energy left for this poor boy. Well, as I walked out the office I purposely gave myself a good kick in the butt, sucked in the fresh air and headed to the closest cabbie thinking, "I am a big girl, this will be fun - stop thinking about the hour long car ride home you have after this date!" and with that I was ready to go =)  Actually, I was more than just "ready to go" Bond had told me earlier in the day he had gotten tickets for some sort of small local theater production in the South End but refused to tell me exactly what show it was so I was excited to not only be going but to also be going to something that I didn't have to plan. In past relationships that has typically been my role - something I truly don't mind doing but also its nice to be surprised every once in awhile too - it was a breath of fresh air.

Back to the school night date.

We had decided to meet up at this small Thai restaurant that he had been to before, at 6 o'clock. Despite being in heels in the windstorm of '10 I made it on time which was a triumph for me (I have been having some troubles with punctuality as of late ops.), linked arms with Bond and headed in. Well it wasn't the quaint, little hole in the wall joint I was expecting it to be BUT it was absolutely delicious. Hands down the best Pad Thai Chicken I have ever had. Plus an added perk was that it is right next to a favorite pizza place of mine: Little Steves. A girlfriend and I use to be V.I.P here...Oh Batista those were the days!!!

Anyways, so there we were eating our dinners, chatting in between noodle sucking (not the easiest thing to eat elegantly while on a date but oh well) and sipping on tea. About half way thru I started focusing mostly on the chicken for I haven't exactly mastered those dang chopsticks yet and they were getting in the way of our very important convo regarding Japanese motorcycles and the sauna like temps the room had started to feel like. So as I said, I started unearthing and digging up the small pieces of chicken that required no cutting (hard to cut chicken with chopsticks...) when Bond abruptly places a piece of chicken on my plate. I zoomed in, examined the golden piece of heaven, realized it was a piece requiring no "cutting", smiled at Bond and gobbled it right up.

Bond just kind of stared at me while I was off in la la land enjoying my munching and finally said,

"Do you know why I gave that piece of chicken to you?"

I smirked and gave him a "duh" kind of look replying with,

"Yea, because you saw I was only eating the small pieces of chicken."

Bond laughed in awe and countered with,

"Why would I give you a piece of my chicken when you have plenty of your own?! I gave it to you because it was SHAPED IN A HEART."

Ha ha ha so this is what happens when cute boys try to do cute things for me.

I eat them up.

However, I must say it really was a delightful bite :)

Kind of out of the blue but I was listening to NPR this morning and they were talking about vending machines in Japan which are designed to clean your pets for you. After some googling about, I came to realize there are actually many many weird vending machines out there.

Heres what I found, ENJOY!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some Pep in my Step!

Thoughts on my way into work this morning:

The Bachelor is over - thank goodness.
The sun was shining this morning - lots of smiles attributed to this.
Eggplant for dinner - never again.
Edys ice cream - $2.99, nearly 2 whole bucks cheaper than B&J!
Driving vs Train - neither one, wish I could fly :(
Coffee - love. Not such a fan of the way my skin reacts to it (dryness city).
Tuesdays - Use to be grandparents for dinner "day": eclairs, tea and lots of silliness =)

This past weekend was jam packed with lots of small scaled yet fun filled adventures. A "house" party on Friday night, which turned out to be a lot of fun but definitely not what I was expecting. Attendees of this soiree were engaged, married and in one case even preggers! Eikes, I think I have officially entered the land of grown ups... frightening :-p Saturday I helped my mom with a really yummy recipe for granola bars, they came out delish. After this is where things began to get rather interesting.

I had a date!

Hmm lets call him, Bond (if he ever reads this he will understand why). We had gone out before this past Saturday but only for dinner and lunch, so each rendezvous was a bit short lived and we were definitely on time restrictions. Well this time around we went skiing and were forced to stick together for most of the day (I had a getaway plan though just in case!! hehe). It ended up being a blast :) After skiing we bummed around my house (yes the fam met him and 100% approve, they can be tough cookies too, so I am happy), then went out for some sushi and planned on ending the night with a movie. After the movie we headed back to my house to wrap up the night, but it turns out poor Bonds stomach had other plans! Living over an hour away from me, driving all the way home wasn't an option. My mom set up a little sick spot for him and we all did our part to make him feel at home and comfy; even though we all know when  you are sick all you want to do is be in your own bed, being comforted by your own mom :(

It was most likely food poisoning because even though the night was awful for him, the next morning he woke up and was more or less brand new =) In tip top shape! He spent the morning with my family and I must say for such a wacky turn of events to happen it all kind of fell into place rather perfectly. We saw each other at our worst; him with his head in a bowl, me with no make up on and we got to wake up with one another, granted we were head to head on a sectional but still it is certainly a memory! He was awfully embarrassed and felt like he was imposing but honestly I wouldn't have changed it one bit. No matter what happens with him and I, we will both always remember that date;  starting with some ski "swagger", throw in some sickness :( and end it with some head snuggling. All in all it was a memorable day :-p One for the books, I'd say!

No matter what kind of spew he tries to throw my way, how could I really turn down the guy who sends me sweet messages like this?

Oh and check out what I have to look forward to this summer!!!