Friday, July 16, 2010

Hopping around.

Back from New Orleans and I must say it was a needed and enjoyable reprieve from the usual shenanigans. Nice change in pace. Besides the company the best part about the trip was the bed. Oh the bed. It was just perfect! I woke up both mornings around 7 am and just laid there. Soaked in the quiet and the comfort - it was close to perfection. Anyways now I am off to more relaxation... MAINE. Highly anticipated trip of the year, last year was amazing and we all have pretty high expecatations this time around as well :) Before I head out to hop the train I had to post this - I sincerely hope I inherited the anti aging gene that my parents presumably have...

Thats my Dad's company by the way.
A lil marketing never hurt anyone (can thank me later Daddy-o!!)

Oh and P.S. How amazing does this Stockholm library look? A little slice of heaven.


Sarah said...

NOLA! Glad you had a fun time...I just got back from New Orleans on Sunday. Good lord was it crowded!

You're totally right about your parents..they look FABULOUS! And that may possibly be the coolest library ever.

Harini said...

Your parents look amazing! I m happy you had a great time :).

Anonymous said...

That library!!! OMG!!! that is amazing!